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Community Programs

CLEER organized 10 local governments into a “Clean Energy Authority,” an intergovernmental collaborative that is working together to reach aggressive energy efficiency and clean energy targets. CLEER established the Garfield Credit Reserve Fund and Revolving Loan Fund to provide ongoing financing of energy efficiency improvements. An initial investment of $1.4 million has leveraged over $10 million in additional energy efficiency and clean energy investments.

Garfield Clean Energy's results have been generated by a systematic, methodical set of steps and resources that could be used by many additional places across the country to accelerate transformation of our energy system and create economic benefits at the same time. Putting this kind of clean energy partnership in place, accompanied by energy efficiency/clean energy programs that make it much easier for governments, businesses, and homes to make energy improvements in many additional rural regions, could be part of a portfolio of strategies to help the U.S. build the political will and capacity to reach international climate protection targets and create a more sustainable energy future.