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Community fair for Carbondale Clean Energy 2020

Carbondale Clean Energy 2020

Carbondale Clean Energy 2020In an effort to achieve Carbondale’s clean energy goals, CORE, CLEER, the Town of Carbondale, the Carbondale Environmental Board and community members have come together to form Carbondale Clean Energy 2020.

The Clean Energy 2020 Technical and Financial Advisory Committee (TFAC) is working with CLEER and CORE staff to develop a plan for how Carbondale can use energy efficiency and renewable energy to meet targets, and identify funding options for the necessary programs.

One Clean Energy 2020 scenario calculates that by installing energy-saving measures in 1,200 homes — half the homes in town — and in 60 more businesses, combined with doubling the amount of solar electric systems (or the equivalent of 800 kilowatts of power-generating capacity), Carbondale could meet its adopted climate targets. These energy improvements could be achieved with investing $1.1 million per year over the next five years.

By comparison, the community currently spends about $7 million per year to heat, light and power homes, businesses, governments and schools. Achieving the energy efficiency goal alone could save the community $1.4 million a year, according to Erica Sparhawk, CLEER program manager.

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How CLEER is collaborating with partners for Clean Energy 2020

Carbondale is a centerpiece community for clean energy efforts, home to several organizations and companies that are working to build a clean energy economy.

The Carbondale Clean Energy 2020 effort is bringing many of them together in a joint effort to drive action for saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. CLEER is helping to lead this project and provide reseach support.

“Our community is taking targets seriously and going through a process to determine what actions, at what scale, are needed to meet them. It will require upfront funding to make the scale of clean energy improvements needed, but it will lower energy costs for our entire community and create many other community benefits.”

-- Carbondale Trustee Frosty Merriott