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Community Climate Action Plans
and Energy Inventories

CLEER has been working with communities for the past decade to cut carbon emissions, save energy and diversify the economy.

We adhere to the concept “If you measure it, you can manage it.” To that end, we offer technical services to communities for measuring energy use and setting targets for clean energy achievements.

CLEER’s experts help cities, towns, counties and school districts measure carbon emissions by conducting detailed energy inventories and producing energy inventory reports.

CLEER also helps communities develop comprehensive energy and climate action plans. CLEER’s team of experts facilitates community discussions to gather input at the grassroots level. We use that input, along with our expertise in developing effective plans, to write energy and climate action plans that align with the community’s vision.

In many cases, use of CLEER’s Building Energy Navigator is an essential tool for communities to measure energy use, energy spending and carbon emissions in their large buildings. This data provides a baseline for some parts of an energy inventory or energy plan, and provides real-time feedback for facility managers and decision-makers to evaluate project effectiveness.

Contact CLEER today to learn how we can help your community create or update an energy inventory or energy and climate action plan.

Community Plans and Inventories

Links to Energy Inventories and Energy and Climate Action Plans prepared by CLEER

cover imageTown of Carbondale
February 2018

Climate & Energy Action Full Plan
(41 pgs, 6.9 MB)

Climate & Energy Action Full Plan with appendices
(61 pgs, 7.4 MB)

Garfield Clean Energy
April 2017

An Energy Action Plan for Garfield County, Colorado
written in collaboration with Xcel Energy's Partners in Energy program

Garfield Clean Energy
June 2010

Adding Up the Energy Bills: The annual cost of using energy in Garfield County in 2009